April - Trial & Error Until Perfection.

The new t-shirts have arrived. The silhouette has been upgraded and is now slightly longer to complete the layering method. It also features twin needle detail to the neckline, sleeve and hem. On April 3rd, the t-shirts were dropped at the printers (with social distancing measures in place). After discussing the artwork, we knew it was going to take a few hours to rework. 

Reborn t-shirt being prepared for screen printing. 

The reborn t-shirt is a complex design as the printer and I found out. It took many trials and errors until we reached perfection. As you can see below, the first screenprint test turned out blurry. At this point, the file size was too small and it lost a lot of quality. Once a larger file was downloaded, the editing took place. Then I had to remove all of the colour out of the image.


The first screen print test.



4th test run of the reborn t-shirt.

The above images shows the 4th test run and as you can see the design still needed a lot of cleaning at this point. The white mist around the angel was really blurry and didn't look right.

Screen Printing Method

After two short gatherings along with 6 screens and 10 hours of editing, the reborn T-shirt was complete. A release will be announced within the next few days via our Instagram.