The North

We've been working with a company that has been producing socks for over 20 years, with this experience we have decided to create own own range of socks. The yarn we picked has been rigorously tested for durability while keeping your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

 The manufacturer created a sample sock. Wool thread is spun onto cones.

The yarn is a blend of wools from Australia, South Africa, and South America. This one-of-a-kind wool blend creates a yarn that is soft to the touch while still being durable enough to be worn as a sock.

Preparing cotton threads for dying.

After knitting our socks, they must be washed, ironed, and packed. All of our socks are washed on a Silk Wash at a gentle 30' temperature. The socks are pressed on specifically constructed foot shaped irons while they are still slightly damp, resulting in a nicely finished product.

 Sock blog image 3.

Sock blog image 4.

Socks on the way!!